Who We Are
The HeartWell Institute is a non-denominational, educational institute created to cultivate balance, foster healing, and build supportive relationships in the community.

What We Do
At our dynamic hub, we integrate contemplative practices, creativity, knowledge, and spirituality through diverse workshops, retreats, trainings and classes. We bring together teachers, artists and leaders in their fields to nurture dialogues on the journey of self-discovery so individuals may draw more deeply from their heart well.

HeartWell is for anyone and everyone seeking balance, peace, happiness, health, community, relationships, education and self-discovery.

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Our Mission

To support individuals on their journey of self-understanding and transformation
To celebrate the cultural and spiritual diversity of our community
To value each individual as a teacher, learner, and healer
To explore the emerging body of knowledge and evidence-based research including the Science of the Heart, and the Neuroscience of Mindfulness.

The HeartWell Institute, Inc. is pending qualification as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. At that point, contributions will be tax-deductible.

In the heart of Massachusetts

Located in Worcester, MA between New York and Boston, HeartWell is an oasis for empowering the journey of self-cultivation. Contemplative practice and mindfulness enables us to navigate the difficulties and joys of life with equanimity.