Whether you’re planning a weekend retreat, staff training, meditation class, group event or benefit, our dynamic, energized spaces can be adapted to suit your needs.

All retreats and events have access to our fully equipped kitchen, beautiful backyard with picnic tables, and private parking. Located in a peaceful nook of metropolitan Worcester, we also have a wide range of nearby accommodation options and direct public transportation available.

Contact us at info@nullheartwellinstitute.org to book your program or to arrange a tour!

  • Review our Rooms

  •   Use 1 or More

      To meet your event's needs
  • Style:
  • Wifi Available
  • Light Room

  • 45

    Capacity of persons

  • Full Variety
  • Yes
  • Fireplace Room

  • 35

    Capacity of persons

  • Wide range, but very well suited for lecture-style seating, and meditation.
  • Yes
  • Lacoste Library

  • 15

    Capacity of persons

  • Well suited for presentations, weekly meetings, discussions - well suited for table seating
  • Yes